Taking Inspiration from Apple Inc

Posted on 4th Mar 2016 15:50:12 in

As we all know today most of us have an Apple gadget in our possession be it an iPad,iPad Mini,Giant iPad,iPhone 4;4s;5;5s;6s and it has become synonimous with flair,elegance,style,great taste...a bit on the pricey side but well worth it making 100's of millions of US$ in profits.The innovations at Apple Inc never cease to amaze and astound technogeeks,nerdsand those who generally appreciate technology and it all started with the visions,goals and never say die attitude of 1 man the legendary founder of Apple Inc,Steve Jobs.He sadly passed away due to aggressive cancer but his legacy leaves on and it is my hope that we all take lessons from his life story and take them and utilise them whether in life,school,business,marriage,sports,love or whatever career we have set our eyes,minds and hearts too.The following below is culled from Walter Isaacson's biography 'Steve Jobs'

Thank you for taking the time to read today's post and may Steve Jobs story help you in all your endeavours/pursuits...as we can see his path was not always straightforward but he kept going on till his end and today Apple lives as testament to the tenaciousness and never say die attitude of 1 man

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs and thank you for your enduring legacy



Lloyd Mapuranga,

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The story of Steve Jobs and his path to greatness

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