An Idea can transform the world and rewrite ALL the rules.Which is why I have to feel it-Anonymous

Posted on 26th Jan 2016 15:31:30 in

Ideas are what make inventions,Ideas are what breathe life into impossible situations,Ideas are what transform the world and make it better.Henry Ford had an idea,Albert Einstein had an idea,Nelson Mandela had an idea,Alexander Graham Bell had an idea,Cecil John Rhodes had an idea.I have learnt in life that in order for an idea to carry through you first have to birth it with the power of your imagination,conceptualise,actualise and then it will manifest into existence.Ideas are the birthright of humanity,make new possibilities,and turn things around and transform millions of people's lives.

What are your ideas?what are you thinking?what do you want to achieve?

No matter how impossible,insane or seemingly unattainable your ideas may seem just go for it..we only have 1 life to live on this earth.Do you want to spend 30 years as a lion or 70 years as a lamb?

Here at NMAP Technologies we are taking ideas and transforming them into reality...we are going somewhere and we know that we are going to get there,we are where we are because we started with the power of an idea that made us what we are today

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