And finally i'm going to talk about Click analytics to wrap up web analytics posts

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Hey there I hope your week was productive and progressive..we are almost into what is traditionally Zimbabwe's hottest time of the year(October)so y'all better get ready make sure you keep yourselves hydrated and stay in the shade as much as possible,sunburns are NOT a nice experience let me tell ya!   :-/

Today I want to finish up on my previous posts about website analytics and I am going to be talking about click analytics and I hear you asking 'What exactly are click analytics?'.According to Wikipedia,Click analytics are a special type of web analytics giving special attention to clicks.It normally focuses on on-site analytics and a webmaster uses click analytics to determine performance of his/her website paying special attention to where users are clicking the most.Click analytics data can be collected mainly through being logged when it occurs and one may also assume that a page view is as a result of a click therefore logging a simulated click that led to that page view.

These are some of the best free open source content analytics tools:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Bitly
  3. Piwik
  4. Open Web Analytics
  5. Clicky
  6. SimilarWeb
  7. SEMrush
  8. Moz Keyword Explorer
  9. Cyfe
  10. Google Search Console

Below is a diagram that will help to illustrate how click analytics works in gathering and collecting data on a website:


Google Analytics website analytics data collection


So I hope you can see with the above diagram that web/click analytics softwares can help a website owner/administrator gather important data that will help understand the strengths and weaknesses of the website and also how they can better improve perfomance based user experience(UX) and I can summarize this in point form which I know you would agree helps you understand why click analytics is important for improving UX and also formulating targeted marketing campaigns:

  1. Seeing/visualising your most important data analytics data first
  2. Helps in finding out which online campaigns are bringing in the most website traffic and conversions(sales from initial visit to purchasing)
  3. Determining where most regular/buyers with most spending power originate from globally(a world heatmap helps pinpoint wheremost visitors originate from)
  4. Can be used to learn what website visitors are searching for on the website
  5. Helps to see which part of the website visitors are visiting/clicking on the most(this metric is measured by CTR or click through rate)
  6. Helps to understand which part of your website is visited and watched/viewed the most by website visitors
  7. Helps to identify most underwhelming/underperforming pages on your website
  8. Helps to understand during which part of conversion process that potential customers abandon shopping cart funnel process the most(can help website administrator understand how to better formulate shopping cart funnel process to make process more shopper friendly resulting in higher conversions)
  9. Helps one to discover if a mobile website would help in spreading the business further afield than current target market niches

Okay ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls I hope today's blog post will help you to understand why website and click analytics can help you identify what attracts visitors to your website the most and what can be done to correct any weaknesses on the website,what website features/pages attract visitors the most and also how user experience(UX) can be improved through collected data from web and click analytics to help formulate a comprehensive website marketing campaign and conversion funnel process to increase profitability.This was my final post about web analytics I will be going onto something different during my next blogpost.Here at NMap Technologies if you the customer so requires we can help you with web analytics so that you may better know how to improve your website and how to better capture your target markets.Until then stay safe and don't give up chasing your dreams and goals you never know how you may change the world for the better,stay safe people/

Lloyd Mapuranga,

NMap Technologies