Basics of building an online brand for your business

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Online branding also known as internet branding is a brand management technique that uses the world wide web as a medium for positioning a brand in the marketplace. Branding in the digital age is increasingly important with the advancements of the internet. Most businesses are exploring various online channels,which include search engine,social media,online press releases,online marketplace,to establish strong relationships with consumers and to build their brands awareness (WIKIPEDIA). The whole concept of online branding can be summarised by the image below:

Basics of Online branding

 Branding is the concept of constructing an identity for a business. This identity only serves not only to summarize and display a company's inherent qualities but also serves to increase recognition,familiarity,and appreciation from new or existing leads prospects (customer base). It is not as simple as just choosing great logos,a catchy name and funky/cool looking logos it will involve extensive audience and competitor research and modern branding standards to create best possible identity for your online business brand.

VISIBILITY AND RECOGNITION: are related concepts that increase a brand's capability of attracting new customers. For many potential customers, a first time encounter leaves them either neutral or even distrustful. Gradually overtime due to numerous encounters in similar contexts, they begin to trust the business as a legitimate and trustworthy entity due to the mere-exposure effect,a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for some things/products merely because they are familiar with them. A customer may see an apparel logo logo repeatedly, at different places and times, and feel like they are getting to know the company associated with that brand logo. The factor of consistency helps make it easier to achieve this repetitive effect. Illustrated below in the following image are some famous world wide brands which generate millions and billions annually and are very familiar (unless you live in a cave or underground somewhere in the jungles of Brazil lol)/Image source: United Gift Inc.

Famous worldwide brand logos

MARKETING and ADVERTISING BENEFITS: are inspired by branding which is a powerful tool that assists and inspires marketing and advertising campaigns. Due to the fact that branding is a set of core identity standards, which not only include visual elements like logo and colouration but a set of personality traits and values,there will be a substantial stock of materials to work with for advertisement productions.Due to fact that it has being created from marketing and competitive research,it will help serve as a foundation stone for all your future marketing and advertising endeavours.Overtime due to experience your advertising and marketing effectiveness will gradually increase.

ORIGINALITY: is vital because if your brand looks like something that is already on the market,people won't be able to recognize it's unique originality. If you don't take the time to sculpt something unique and original, value accumulation will not occur overtime. Offcourse you should be inspired by unique existing brands already out there.

PERSONALITY and IDENTITY: simply means your brand should also showcase your company's "personality" accurately in the way that you want to showcase it. Naturally, you will want to appeal to your target audience and adhere to basic industry standards. There needs to be a degree of sincerity where your brand is concerned and best way to do that is by putting in part of your personality to make it "uniquely you,yourself and you" e.g. KFC,McDONALDS,20th CENTURY FOX

EMOTIONAL APPEAL: is also a necessity and should be included in your brand. This may seem challenging but due to the wide spectrum of emotions that exist this will be to your advantage. When people experience certain emotions, this results in a heightened awareness and this will help them remember your brand better if they automatically associate it with strong emotions and this will help in building brand loyalty quicker. 

CUSTOMER TRUST and LOYALTY: is a major effect when it comes to purchase making decisions, and it's a factor that must be gradually earned overtime.Without a solid brand to tie experiences back to,customers may have trouble placing that trust in one consistent brand. When consumers engage consistently with a brand or through other interactions, they will begin to experience certain feelings and emotions with a particular brand(that is how Hollywood movie franchises grow to become mega successful and get recurring audiences who never get tired of seeing new materials e.g. Harry Potter,Jurassic Park,Lord of the Rings,Ghostbusters,Men in Black,X-Men).Customers will develop a strong internal impression of the brand overtime,becoming more familiar with it and eventually they will have a harder time leaving resulting in higher customer retention rates.

THERE you go ladies and gentlemen, the basics of building your business brand online and the benefits that will accrue to you overtime. If your business or company is established over 2-5 years but you still have a negligible or no online presence at all believe me you are sorely missing out on the massive profits waiting to be made online.Industry behemoths like Amazon.com,Ebay,Ali Baba all generate massive profits through their main website and social media presence so what better way to build your brand than going online and building your brand online.Until next time take care and don't get tired of chasing your dreams to the fullest,You Only Live Once.


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