Building a strong digital online presence utilising digital strategies for business success

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Good morning,afternoon or evening wherever you are on planet earth.Today I would like to continue with today's blog being about building a strong digital online presence through various digital marketing startegies and components for online business success.Whatever kind of business that you are into and no matter how many years you have being established without an effective digital online presence you might as well be chasing the wind or fishing without bait on your hook because of your stubborness to realize that the world has increasingly a competitive global marketplace and the internet is a powerful platform to build your brand online.Yes I know that this is the part where you will ask what constitutes an effective digital online presence for business marketing success?Having a website constitutes a big part of it but it's not the only component...it's all about visibility because at the end of the day greater visibility on the internet through not only having a dynamic,modern website but also utilizing the power of social media management will help propel your business success from 1 to 10.Below i'm going to share an image of our neighbouring country South Africa just so you understand why having an effective digital online presence will help you not only win over customers in your local area but even expand your business interests to a country like South Africa which has massive potential waiting to be tapped up and huge profits to be made(All credit goes to http://www.ignitemedia.co.za for the following infographic):

South Africa Key Digital statistical indicators

So as you can see from the above infographic,with such a large audience numbering in the 10's of millions an online presence is very important because it will reinforce your brand and what your business/company/brand has to offer to it's target markets and what sets it apart from all the rest.With that in mind it is very important to notice that having quality online content shared on the internet through a well designed and dynamic website and effective social media management will help create a strong digital presence for success of your business and brand as compared with your competitors. Below I am going to outline several key components of digital strategy according to research by an Asian digital marketing company:

  1. Online Presence refers to online reach and where your target markets and competitors encounter your business online.This includes:
  • Your business website,a campaign mini website and mobile website
  • Your social media presence on LinkedIn,YouTube,Facebook,Instagram,Google+ and Twitter
  • Corporate advertising profiles on Yellow Pages Online,Craigslist or Email advertising like The BizList(Zimbabwe)
  • Your reviews,links/baclinks and articles/blogposts appearing on authority websites in your market niche

      2. Digital Marketing is all about promoting your business and brand utilising online resources and tools. This consists of websites,social media platforms,micro-sites and mobile apps.It also includes online banner ads,LinkedIn ads,SEO marketing,Facebook ads,email marketing,guest blogs,PDF ebooks and mobile banner ads amongst a few.

      3. Selling online and affiliate marketing allows your customers ample time and freedom to browse through your website and social media platforms in an unharried and unruffled manner and lets them choose what product/services they would love.This will lessen internal processing time and help you shift focus and attention and focus to other key business areas that need attention or maybe lagging.

      4. Mobile based solutions will involve implimenting mobile-based solutions into your business and would include the following strategies:

  • Mobile Commerce - Providing customers the option to transact through either mobile phone or personal/business tablet
  • Mobile Applications - these are essentially purpose built mobile applications(apps) to help users complete specific tasks e.g. Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger for instant messaging and sending documents,audio and video clips.Mobile apps can be either external(aimed at customers),or internal(i.e. aimed at stuff and internalised to help them in their work and help them carry out daily business tasks effectively and efficiently.)

       5. Supplier Interaction due to an effective global digital economy will eman that you have major access to local,regional and global markets to establish potential supplier relationships,as well as the capability to undertake supplier interactions and this can help your business to profit from sourcing suppliers online.This will be all the more beneficial to your business if your suppliers have also embraced digital solutions in providing their products,quotes and services online.

       6. Cloud computing means storing and accessing data over the internet without need for physical storage mediums in your living or workspaces hence the term cloud computing.It is a metaphorical term for the internet and is one way to increase or add capabilities as needed without the necessity of investing into new hardware infrastructure,licensing software or training new staff thereby reducing budgetary constraints and additional investment costs.

       7. Social Media Presence and Benefits

  • Social Media allows you to listen to the needs of your customers and those of your competitor's customers and helps bring you to customers closer than ever before.
  • Social Media allows you to influence your ideal customers to take action and drive awareness and sales.You can build trust and authority by sharing your digital content to inform,educate and entertain potential customers.Focused social media strategies will help increase awareness whilst also giving you targeted exposure to lucrative potential leads(customers).
  • Social Media allows you to network and this helps you boost your visibility,people connection and sharing your story in a warm personal way that will allow close customer interactions.
  • Social will bring a major benefit of increasing search engine results page rankings.Your social media sites do not directly influence your organic search engine rankings,it creates a buzz and awareness about your business and will motivate potential customers to search for you utilisin search engines such as Google.You have to be ranking on first page of Google and to make sure that occurs everything has to be done to create relevant,compelling,quality content on all your social media platforms that will intergrate targeted keywords found through keyword research to help your business rank higher in search engine rankings.

There you have it good people that concludes my blogpost for today and here at NMap Technologies we can help you reach all your business dreams and goals by not only building an enganging,modern,dynamic website for your business but also implimenting effective strategies to ensure your online business success.If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact details at the bottom of our website page or alternatively clicking on contact link.Until then stay safe and keep chasing the dream,Rome was not built in a day after all

Lloyd Mapuranga,

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