Building an email list 101:How to build an email list for your business

Posted on 15th Jan 2018 17:54:56 in

Welcome to our very first blogpost for 2018..The primary purpose for creating an email list is to communicate with current and potential customers via daily,weekly or monthly email broadcasts.SOME OF THE KEY REASONS why your business should build an email list include

  • Selling and upselling your products to customers who will have left their contact details via your landing page
  • Building brand loyalty,trust and leveraging power of email marketing to keep potential fresh leads interested in your products

I would like to show you an image depicting the processes involved in building an email list (don't worry it's not complicated technical jargon)

Building an email list from scratch

To start off building an email list you need an email capture process and the two main methods of collecting emails are usually 1.) Opt-in form (Landing page) 2.) Email subscription link which will be sent to an individual's email inbox on an email list and that will start the subscription process and allow you the merchant/business to send email updates and offers. In order to sort out leads or prospects, it is always good to provide a disclaimer of confidentiality agreement that the prospective customer's email and other details will not be shared with anyone else.

Steps involved in the email processing and building are listed down below:

  1. When the lead clicks on the opt-in form subscribe button if they are interested in hearing more about what you have to offer,their information will be sent to the email marketing system linked to the web page
  2. The EMS sends the email address and details to the database which in turn sends an email to the prospects email requesting that they click confirmation link showing that they are granting permission to receive emails from your business and would like to hear more about your offers.After that is done the EMS will then send a confirmation message back to prospects email telling the customer to check their email and welcoming them to the email list updates
  3. The email list database is updated with confirmation and then sends an opening email (the very first email) to the prospect/subscriber.The EMS will then redirect the customer to a new webpage thanking customer for their subscription and will provide requested information and any other bonuses/goodies promised to the customer such as free pdf ebooks,audio or video presentations,any other gifts or coupons.
  4. From that point forward the customer will then start receiving periodic emails whether daily,weekly or monthly or until that particular email series reaches it's conclusion. An email series can be a weekly or fortnightly series of emails teaching the customer how to do something like building a house,taking care of plants/flowers,building a driveway or whatever it is that your business is all about that the customer is looking for.This will help your business develop an authority ranking/status in your particular market segment or sub-niche and can attract that customers friends or family i.e. whoever they spread the good news to will also want to receive and this will help your email list grow overtime.

There you have it ladies and gentleman,how to initiate the process of building an email list for your business/online website.It looks straightforward doesn't it?Here at NMap Technologies we can help you with that to help grow your online business process and take advantage of the limitless people available on the global internet highway all over the world.Until my next blogpost take care and keep chasing your dreams.

Lloyd Mapuranga,

NMap Technologies