Challenges/struggles help us become better

Posted on 23rd Feb 2016 15:28:30 in

Anyone who has lived in Zimbabwe during the 2006-2009 years will tell you that the challenges both social and economical faced during that stage of Zimbabwe's history where bonkers,insane and totally out of this world.Money became valueless,hyperinflation went through the roof,goods in shops virtually vanished overnight,money supply in the economy went haywire,speculative practices where the order of the day,basic commodities where like rare jewels and the hurdles/challenges made 1 feel like we where stuck in a epic Hollywood disaster movie.Through all those trying times many Zimbabweans did not give up hope,sought industrious ways to keep their families and households going and kept a smile on their faces.People left the country,indutries closed,dilapidated infrastructure but people came through by divine providence.

The point of my blog post today is to say that difficulties/challenges are a necessary part of life/growth and business.They teach us to hold onto hope,to keep up the faith and fight for a better tommorow,teach us to be innovative and map out new ways to go past what we see today to a brighter,better tommorow.Yeas sometimes they are unwelcome but instead of running from challenges let us accept and embrace them,learn the lessons they are meant to bring to us and use that as a platform for enrichment,progression and advancement in all aspects of our lives and business.

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Lloyd Mapuranga

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