How Microsoft became a worldwide juggernaut

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For all technogeeks,computer gurus,nerds,office personnel and the working mum at home who has ever used a computer the name Microsoft is as ubiquitious as they come.1 of the biggest computer software companies in the world by marketshare i'm sure we have all heard or know about the story behind their legendary co-founder and long ti,e chief architect officer 1 of the world's richest mean with a staggering net worth sum of $80.7 billion as of March 2016(Bloomberg).The following is culled from Walter Isaacson's book 'The Innovators' and details Bill Gates rise to lead 1 of the leading software and technological juggernauts of our time which at 1 time in the 1990's had a near monopoly on the software market with their famous Windows OS system found on almost every home and work computer..Let Bill gates stubborness,tenacity,never say die attitude push us on in our own endeavours,purposes,dreams.It all starts from somewhere no matter how crazy or unattainable a dream may look Bill gates story has taught me 1 thing as I once heard in a song some years ago 'Dreams are real and all you have to do is just believe.'

I hope you enjoy reading and seeing the pathway to greatness that Bill Gates dared to walk to make Microsoft what it is today,

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The story of Bill Gates journey