How to build an email list utilizing power of your website

Posted on 24th Nov 2017 05:39:26 in

Hie everyone I hope you have being great,here in Zimbabwe it's being an amazing two weeks as we are on the brink of a new era as many changes have occured on the political landscape and it gives us here at NMap Technologies hope for a brighter and better tommorow.It is essential that when you first setup your website and starting a blog,it is prudent to setup an email optin lead capture form so as to collect leads and build an email list as this will help you start making an income utilizing leads(names and emails)stored within your emails database.Basically what it all boils down to is this, "In order to make money off your website blog or your blog you need to build an email list and that comes from a steady inflow of traffic to your website and them leaving their details on your email opt-in form/page,sales come from your email list so it's all about building the email list.". If you ask any of the world's top bloggers who earn ten's of thousands per month and even millions every year like Yaro Starak(AUSTRALIA)will confirm this simple but powerful truth.

An email list is important because the money is in the email list so below I am going to outline why an email list is very important:

  1. An email list help in building trust with your audiences and what do I mean by this?Creating an email marketing sales funnel gives you the business the time to introduce your business/brand to your audiences and will help to give them valuable and compelling content which will eventually lead to sales.
  2. Email lists will provide a customer feedback mechanism.Basically what is involved here is that you must not assume that you know what your audiences require which would be setting yourself up for cataclysmic failure.By hearing feedback through your email lists,you can learn what content/products/needs/services are wanted by your audiences and you will find that this feedback will be incredibly valuable because it will help with sales optimization through your sales funnels.
  3. Your email list will be your most valuable money making asset because all the leads you will have captured utilising your email opt-in form page will provide repeat sales time and again but offcourse you will have to create a sales funnel with low tier to high ticket products that can provide recurring income and keep customers coming back for more.

I want to define what it means to capture and store leads(email addresses)captured through your email opt-in capture page.Capturing a lead involves collecting emails through an email opt-in capture page whilst storing a lead involves storing those leads(emails) in a database and sending emails to them on a regular basis but this will require an email marketing service that will do that service on your behalf and will provide advantage of automated email marketing service which will depend on frequency you choose for your service.


You should understand beforehand that email marketing software will be one of your biggest monthly expenses but will be an absolutely necessary investment because this will act as main driver of all your online sales and available on the market today you can utilise any of the following email marketing softwares though each one will have it's own pro's and con's

  1. MailChimp
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. GetResponse
  4. ConvertKit
  5. Aweber

To close off this blogpost I would like to share an image that will help you to understand what building an email list would look like on your website and don't worry it's not as complicated as it may have sounded here:

Email List building process

There you have it ladies and gentleman,the foundations of why it's important to build an email list and how it will benefit one's business after all as any blogger whose actually making an income off their blog/website blog will tell you "THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST"..till next time keep working hard at your dreams,don't give up the faith after all quitters never prosper.Will expand more on this area of email list building in a future blog post.


Lloyd Mapuranga

NMap Technologies