Keyword Research & Content Marketing:How we can help your brand to be successful

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Hello everybody wherever you are worldwide,we hope that you are in good spirits and chasing after your dreams and goals.It's now summertime and it is really hot,for those in colder climates I urge you to pack your bags and come experience the Zimbabwean sun for 1-2 weeks whilst enjoying our beautiful country and you won't live to regret it I promise!    ;-)

Through experience we have built overtime we have come to understand that in order for SEO(Search Engine Optimization)success for online websites you need to understand what people are searching for,frequency of searches and why they are searching for it.For those in the know keyword research is simple and easy to understand but for the uninitiated(anyone not involved in website and mobile applications development),it is very complex.What it basically involves is discovering what types of queries online users/potential customers make.That information we then use it to optimize website pages in such a way that makes your website more likely to rank higher on search engines such as Google for those particular queries.

Google's old model of keyword research was relatively simple because their algorithm was relatively simple and it was modeled on a 'one to one' basis i.e. separating a users query into several base components and then finding where those components frequently feature on the WWW(World Wide Web)information superhighway.Overtime,Google evolved their search engine algorithms including the PANDA Update in 2011 and in 2013 Google keyword search basis was overhauled with the Hummingbird update.This introduced the concept of "semantic search" which basically looks at context of a user's search query rather than it's exact keyword composition.Therefore,well written,quality,valuable on-site content can give your website various opportunities to established relevance for brand related topics and will help cover a wide range of potential search queries.With all that being said I would like to outline the benefits of keyword research for your online content marketing and websites.


  1. Search volume analysis: will help in gaining insights into what keywords are more popular.This will then help us to find popular topics to optimize for which will help lead to higher lead volumes(website traffic) and a higher ROI(Return On Investment).
  2. Content ideas and SEO direction: will help in giving ideas for content marketing campaigns and will help in setting direction for future SEO campaigns.With solid target keywords group,it will help in establishing meta data and body copy embedded within website code for a websites main pages.Keyword research not only helps in pinpointing popular topics and opportunities,but will help in brainstorming for future website conceptions.
  3. Market research: can give you valuable information that can be used in other business areas and key marketing campaign areas.For instance,there are seasonal search patterns,this can help give marketing opportunities for certain products during certain times of the year.
  4. Competitive keyword research: can help determine which keywords and phrases are being already being ranked for by direct online competitors.This can help in determining what's worth fighting for and what is a waste of valuable time and resources.To help achieve that goal,it will help in getting target keywords that competitors are not ranking for although they are not easy to find.

I know all that I've written about Keyword research in today's blogpost may sound like mumbo jumbo so to make life a bit more easier below I want to share an image that will at least help you in visualising what Search Engine Optimization & Keyword research is all about in a nutshell(special thanks to Welkin Systems Limited for this image):

Search Engine Optimization for Website success

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen,all about SEO and keyword research and we will expand on this in a future blogpost.Don't forget to like our Facebook page and at on our main website you can get in touch by clicking on our Contacts link or at the bottom of the website and let us help you build a website,web application,mobile application and marketing materials.We are in the 21st century and everyone who is serious about dominating the global marketspace should have an official website as bare minimum and we will help to propel your business/brand to the top,we look forward to hearing from you until next time take care and keep chasing your dreams as we do everyday.

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