Let's talk about user based administrative rights

Posted on 25th Apr 2016 14:58:31 in

Hello good people I hope I find you all in good spirits and working hard building and living your dreams.Usually when a website or mobile application proposal is being drafted,prospective owners and end users of the finished product usually worry about who has access to and is restricted or allowed on the site.Often times handling a website or mobile application on the hidden back-end..This is where user based administrative rights come in and that is what I want to talk about in my blogpost today so pay close attention.

Website owners and site administrators can perform functions such as modifying site pages,adding events or calendar dates and customizing the contacts and email database.In order to do this administrators can log-in to the admin backend:This is basically an area that is reserved for site and accounts administration and is inaccessible to people with no specially granted backend user rights.Any contact can be designated as an administrator with full or partial rights.In light of that there are basically levels/groups that are allowed access to the admin backend and on looking at what Joomla had to say and based on my understanding of admin privilleges it made a whole lot of sense and below they are:


MANAGER: They are allowed access to content creation and other information from the backend.They log in through admin interface but their rights and access are basically content management function.They can create or edit any content on website,and have access to some backend features such as adding,deleting and editing certain sections and pages on the site,but won't have access to the inner workings of the website usually due to restricted technical knowledge of advanced web coding.

ADMINISTRATOR:  Are allowed access to most admin functions and have unique manager based privilleges.An admin user has all privilleges on backend of a manager,and also have access to set options on and add/delete certain components within website,modules and plug-ins and can also view site statistics such as number of hits per day or month,number of opt-ins and subscriber list.They are however restricted in setting or changing website template or global configurations within main body web code of the website.


SUPER ADMINISTRATOR: This is reserved for the technogeeks,the nerds or rather the website developer who knows all the inner workings of the website.Allowed access to all administration functions and levels.They have complete and FULL UNRESTRICTED ACCESS and can only delete or remove themselves hence managers and administrators are a level below super administrators.

Below to better illustrate my point is an admin back-end as I don't want to make it seem like i'm spewing gooblyegook   :-)


Administrator backend


And below is how a admin backend panel may look for an e-commerce/e-shop website as well just so you have a clearer idea about levels I mentioned earlier in my blogpost.


Back end for e-commerce site


So there you have it and offcourse here at NMap Technologies we also offer a unique CMS so as to ensure your privacy and only allowing certain members special privilleges after all you can't allow every Jack and Jill to have their way it will get messy!!Next time I am going to write about CMS and what it's all about until next time


Lloyd Mapuranga,

NMap Technologies