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Pretty much anyone even the old lady next door knows that social media is a very popular and vital communication tool.We now have Twitter,Google Hangouts,Snapchat,Instagram,Skype,Pinterest,LinkedIn,Facebook,WeChat and offcourse Whatsapp which since it's establishment has become a behemoth generating billions of dollars and helping people connect worldwide at cheaper and better cost & convinience.Today I want to talk about you as a website owner can utilize social media to your advantage to achieve goals such as brand awareness,engagement,web traffic to mention a few.Before doing that I would like to share a diagram from www.blogsworld.online showing the interconnection of various social media platforms and their influence and role on the WWW(World Wide Web)today:


Top G ways to develop customer focused social media strategy


According to a survey conducted in 2016 by PEW Research Center,social media is the number one daily activity among Americans topping time spent on email and Google and studies also show that 76% of Facebook users visit daily as illustrated by the diagram below:


Social Media User statistics

I hope you can see from these statistics why it's vital to formulate social media strategies because potential to grow your website and business is endless and it is shameful if your business is not trying to capitalize on these advancements.


Lacking execution strategies will make your website and social media content become obsolete.It's wise to investigate how your competitors are utilising social media to see how often they post content and updates on a weekly and monthly basis.And you can then adjust accordingly.It's also important to craft social media goals that are aligned with overall company plans and goals.


Research clearly shows that tweets with images get more engagement and retweets,and photos on Facebook also get engagement.Popular social media networks such as recently listed Snapchat,Pinterest and Instagram are all about images and videos.It would help to not only create a branded image to share along with social media posts but you can also create separate images for main points for your content.


Many content marketers tend to overlook this fact because to enable maximum engagement,content has to be shared where the crowd is,when people are most active on social media.Bear in mind that not all social media platforms have same peak times.It all comes down to understanding how users engage,fortunately some social media have features that allow you create infographics and best engagement times to reach more customers.


Would you like it if a company rep just calls you on your phone and starts listing the hot products they sell without formally introducing who they are and what they represent?It is essential to drive social media users to engage in communication with your company's social media platforms.Social Media was made for people and not AI units or electronic machines,don't just drop links but also learn to have a blog and comments sections setup on social media platforms so as to ask questions and receive feedback.This can be used to improve public relations as well as content marketing.Questions not only show engagement and generate active interest,they help foster connectedness.


There you have it some tips and strategies on how social media platforms can help your brand or business to catch onto the social media revolution and generate sales and drive traffic and prospects to your websites.Here at NMap Technologies we not only build websites but we will be more than happy to connect your blog,website,mobile applications with new or already pre-existing social media platforms such as Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter to help move your business forward,Until next time,don't give up chasing your dreams the sky is the limit.


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