Social media tricks and ways to get engagements on your brand's social media posts

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Hello everyone hope you had a lovely valentine's day and spoilt your loved ones (Don't overspend though because we are still mid-month and you don't wanna be having bread with water now!).In order for you to understand better I will first start off by defining what exactly engagement means.

"What is Social media engagement?"

It basically means any meaningful interaction with your brand from a follower or social media user and they come in the form of the following:

  • Likes (or other reactions) are small engagements signalling that your audience has being reached in a good way and will likely result in your post(s) being shared to other social media users of whatever platform they are active on.
  • Comments: indicate interest in a given post,and in most cases they attract other comments (anyone who is a Facebook user knows what i'm talking about here).Comment threads can even grow as people share their opinions and what they think and can make for very interesting and even entertaining engagement.
  • Shares: indicate significant follower interest and have a powerful effect of introducing your content to new audience segments which exponentially increases your content reach

Now that I have explained what engagement is all about I am going to talk about some tips and tricks you can use to increase social media engagement for your brand.

  1. Asking your audience specific questions: You can encourage direct comments and responses by asking them questions about themselves.It is a well known fact that people love to talk about themselves and share their own facts and opinions about certain subject matters.
  2. Probing your audience for personal experiences: People love to talk about their histories and what they have learnt,so asking audiences to talk about their own past experiences will be sure to bring a flurry of experiences.It can be questions about their first date,their favourite takeaway or favourite movie/series or novel.
  3. Starting a poll: You can conduct a poll and ask audiences questions whose responses you can collect on almost any type(s) of questions that you can think of.When results come in,you have more than enough ammo for conversation starters,which will help facilitate discussions amongst all initial respondents giving you at least 2 engagement platforms.
  4. Learn headline writing art: They are the most important part of any content-related share so,for many people engaging with a headline is often enough.For many people,how engaging and captivating a headline is will actually determine whether they will not only click but read through a story,article or headline.It is also imprtant to be aware of length,targeting and wording.
  5. Surprising your followers: with new content or what you are most unlikely to share will not only intrigue your followers but make them more likely to share your content with others who will in return respond withn their own thoughts and feelings.
  6. Optimizing your posts for sharing: Optimizing your individual social media posts for search by including hashtags,keywords and phrases that your targeted audience(s) will act as a quick way to get more visibility and interaction.
  7. Earning more personal followers: with people who know you in real life will likely engage more with you online.so it's a good idea to try and earn more followers for your personal brand.One effective way to do this by you attending workshops or networking events within your city or even outside your country of residence.Also making sure to engage with new people you meet in person will also help with that.
  8. Knowing when and where to advertise and sell: A lesser number of followers will be likely to engage with any posts that are overtly selling a product/service to them.It is prudent to keep your adverts or hard sales pitches to a minimum and release them tactfully.
  9. Use emails to attract more followers: Making a concentrated effort of turning all email subscribers into social media followers will work wonders for your brand.These are people you are already engaged with and who already know and trust your brand so this should not be such a tough undertaking.
  10. Choosing the right times to post or engage with followers: As we are all aware the internet is a global superhighway with people living in different parts of the world and particular timezones.It is prudent to monitor your perfomance/engagements and learn which hours work best for follower interactions

There you go ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls some tricks and tips that you can use to increase social media engagements across your social media platform(s) that you can use to increase followers of your brand,attract new prospects and increase profitability and growth for your brand.Until next time take care of yourselves and keep chasing your dreams and don't give up..ROME was not built in a day after all.


Lloyd Mapuranga,

NMap Technologies