The importance of mobile applications in the 21st century and beyond

Posted on 29th Mar 2016 17:12:45 in

Back then growing up in the early 1990's if you had told me that 1 day we would be able to carry powerful mobile smartphones everywhere you had to go I would probably have thought that you where losing your mind or had too many drinks or lollipops lol.If you ask anyone who grewup in the 90's the only phones we knew where the landlines run by PTC for those who grewup in Zimbabwe you know those old heavy phones that when dialing a number you risked breaking a finger because the dial pad was often times hard and rigid like a dried out chicken bone.   :-/

Oh and can I share a little secret,how we would try to 'unlock' the padlock when parents or elders where not around just to call a friend.I'm glad call tracing technology was limiited in those days or else we would be toast for unexplainably high phone bills!

According to Technopedia a mobile application is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.These apps are frequently designed to run appications similar to those found on home and office based PC's.The popularisation of mobile apps was mostly started by technology giant Apple Inc to bring convinience to their consumers 'on the go' and over the years other big companies now also incorporate mobile apps as standard fare for their cellphone models.Companies like Samsung,HTC,Huawei,Nokia Microsoft,Blackberry,Motorola but you catch my drift right?

You ask 'Give us examples of mobile apps'...oh sure you're staring right at it all day everyday c'mon now seriously?Okay okay Whatsapp,Facebook Lite,Opera Mini,Google Chrome,Google Maps,Google Playstore,Share-It,Gmail,Google+,Cloud,Adobe Acrobat Reader(yes people in case you didn't know for the nerds,boffins and students out there!).Those my friend are just a few examples of mobile apps that i'm sure you agree make day to day life easier and convinient.  :-)

Here at NMap Technologies we specialise in creating customised user defined experiences i.e. Mobile apps that suit your tastes and needs,you tell us what you want and we design it as you desire utilising a wide variety of programming languages.We actually have several mobile apps in final developmental stages that we hope to roll out this year checkout our portfolio on the site for more details.Next blog post I will be expanding on economic importance of mobile apps sector and how it's going to help create more millionaires and billionaires over the next coming decades,until then enjoy your life and go with the flow live life to the fullest.


Lloyd Mapuranga,

NMap Technologies