The importance of traffic to your website:Introduction to web analytics 101

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Hello good people I hope you are all well and fulfilling your potentials and chasing your goals and dreams.Things have being hectic have being so busy these past few weeks that I did not have time to add new blog posts so finally here I am again ready to share some more...MAYBE IT'S JUST ME but the weather lately makes it seem like Jack Frost is visiting our shores because the chill reaches straight into your bones,hopefully JACK FROST will go back where he belongs and leave us intact!   ;-)

You cannot have a website and ignore flow of traffic/visitors to your website after all a website is like your virtual window to the world.Everyday over a billion people log onto the internet to do their Facebooking,checking and replying emails,seeing videos on YOUTUBE and Daily Motion,to checkout the latest news.If you will notice all the websites I have mentioned are WWW giants bringing in millions in profits and revenues for their owners but all of that would not have being or rather would it be possible if not for all the website traffic,hits,backlinks,daily visits,regular and new visitors that regularly flock to these websites.It's all in the visitor traffic statistics and that is why today I want to talk about Website Analytics and why it is important to a website owner/admin if you are looking to beat the competition and bring the cash rolling in(after all that is why we put ourselves on the WWW to market ourselves off and make money right?).

Web ANALYTICS is the measurement,collection,analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.It is not only a process for measuring web traffic but can also be used as a business and marketing research tool and to also assess and improve a website.Results of traditional advertising campaigns can be measured through web analytics softwares.Vital information about number of visitors to a website and number of pageviews is also provided through web analytics,this information is absolutely vital when formulating targeted marketing campaigns and formulating marketing strategies/programs around number of visitors and pageviews from most to least popular page on the website.The basic processes of Web ANALYTICS can be illustrated by the following diagram below:


Web Analytics basic processes flow diagram

It can be determined whether the likelihood of a given customer repurchasing a product after past purchasing,personalizing the website to regular visitors to make them feel at home,monitoring dollar volume of unique purchases made by individual or specific customer groupings whether age,race,sex,religion.Website analytics can also be used in observing and documenting geographic regions from which the least and most customer traffic volumes/flows come from and which specific products they purchase and through this data 1 can even predict what future purchases may be made by such customers.Also included in web analytics is the CTR(Click Through Rate) and drilldown rate behaviour of customers thereby determining from which sites customers most often come from allowing communication with browsers to track and analyze online behaviours of current and potential customers to the website.

There are 4 basic steps involved in the Web Analytics Process and they are:

  1. DATA COLLECTION: involves collection of basic data.
  2. DATA PROCESSING INTO INFORMATION THAT CAN BE UNDERSTOOD: involves taking collected data and converting it into ratios.Main objective of this stage is to take the basic data and convert it into metrics.
  3. DEVELOPMENT OF K.P.I. : focuses on using the ratios and infusing them into business strategies,THIS is known as Key Performance Indicators.


For today I will end here and on my next post I will expand more on website analytics including off-site and on-site analytics,web analytics data sources and click analytics.Until next time keep chasing your dreams,never giveup hope and don't compromise who you are and who you are called to be we all need to make and leave a mark on this earth after all YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!   :-)



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