The importance of website analytics to determining internet and online visibility on the WWW(World Wide Web)

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Hey everyone I hope I find you well and in good spirits.Yes I know I know I last made a blg post in July and things have being hectic going up and down all over the place building an empire,building dreams.Through life's up's and downs,hills and vallies the 1 thing we can all hold onto is faith and always hope for the best all day everyday.To expand on my last blogpost I am going to continue on from website analytics introduction and dig deeper so do pay attention and don't doze off!(I know with the increasing warm temperatures sometimes you just wanna take an afternoon siesta!)    :-)

According to the Techopedia website "Web analytics is a SET of strategic methodologies implimented to maximize online and e-commerce activities.Web analytics extracts and categorizes qualitative and quantitative data to identify and analyze on-site and off-site patterns and trends.Web analytics services may be supplemented with related sources including email marketing response rates,direct mail,sales marketing and website performance data."

OFF-SITE WEB ANALYTICS: refers to web measurement and analysis regardless of whether you own or maintain a website.It includes the measurement of a website's potential audience (opportunity), share of voice (visibility),and buzz (comments) happening on the WWW (World Wide Web) as a whole.

ON-SITE WEB ANALYTICS: refers to measuring a visitors behaviour once they are on your website.This may include for instance the degree to which different landing pages are associated with nline purchasing patterns.This is also used in measuring the performance of websites on commercial contexts.Comparisons of this data is typically compared against KPI's (Key Perfomance Indicators) for website perfomance metrics and are used in improving a website marketing campaign audiences responses.To aid in web analytics internet giant Google Inc created a software called GOOGLE Analytics which is the most widely used on-site web analytics service,it is a freemium web analytics service offered by Gogle that tracks and reports website traffic.It was launched in November 2005 after the acquisition of Urchin.It's also offered in two additional versions which are

  1.   The subscription based Google Analytics 360 whose previous iteration was Google Analytics Premium and it was targeted at enterprise users.
  2. Google Analytics for Mobile Applications,an SDK (Software Develpment Kit) that allows for the gathering of usage data from both iOS (Apple) and Android applications.

Below I am going to a diagrammatic illustration that will aid you our blog readers to better visualize and understand off-site and on-site web analytics and it's data sources as shown below:


 Off-site and on-site web analytics representation

There you have it ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls in my next blogpost I am going to wrap up on website analytics but I hpe you can all see why website analytics is important to not only see how your website is performing but even to conceptualise and strategize website marketing campaigns for more growth and profits into the business.Until next time,keep on the hustle and never stop fighting for your dreams and God bless you,you,you and you(yes you the one staring at this blogpost!)

Lloyd Mapuranga,

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