What is a CMS(Content Management System) and how does it help website owners?

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Hello again good people have not being able to get on here for a while now due to some pressing commitments.I hope you are all well and that you are working and fighting for your dreams to turn into reality.Tody I want to talk about the backend part of the website i.e. The engine which basically runs all that a internet user sees when they input your website address into the URL bar and visit your site which from here i will refer to as CMS(Content Management System).

According to Webopedia,It can also be called a web management system and it is a software or a suite of tools/applications that allow organisations to create,edit,review and publish web content.Many CMS offer a web based GUI(Graphical User Interface) that enables publishers to access the CMS online using  web browser.It typically consists of two main elements:the CMA(Content Management Appliction) and the CDA(Content Delivery Application).CMA allows content manager who may not understand intricacies of HTML 5 coding language to manage creation,modification,and removal of content from a website without requiring  Webmaster to carry out such functions.The CDA element plys it's part by then compiling and delivering that information to add or remove or update content to the website.

Exmples of popular Content Management Systems include Wordpress,Joomla,ModX,RefineryCMS,DotNetNuke to mention a few.There are basically 4 categories of CMS and they are:

WCMS (Web Content Management System): enables a user to create or amend a webpage without the need for technical skills.It is based upon a series of templates which form website structure and are used for content creation.Content cretor inserts content into these templtes which are then added onto website.

ECMS (Enterprise Content Management System): handle the content,assets,records and other information defining structure and organisational hierachy.It is a system employing range of processes,tools and strategies.This includes scanning,tracking,indexing and aiding in collaboration with aim of streamlining management of company information.

MCMS (Mobile Content Mangement System): have arisen due to an increasing demand for systems that can manage content for smartphones,PDA's and other handheld devices.They where originally designed for the B2C (Business 2 Consumer) market but have expanded to include B2B (Business 2 Business) and B2E (Business 2 Employee).

CCMS (Component Content Management System): are a special type of system that manage at a deeper level.It is a single piece of content such as a paragraph of text,photo or graphics rather than a document.Is reused within  document or series of documents ensuring a consistent approach.Each piece of content will be having it's own workflow and is tracked as an entity or part of a larger system.

Well there you have it CMS 101 to help provide basic understanding so in my next post I will expand further on CMS until then take care

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