What is an effective digital online presence in the 21st Century

Posted on 28th Jul 2017 13:32:53 in

According to the world's biggest search engine GOOGLE,97% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses within their vicinity and i'm sure you will agree with me that is not something to shrug about or to take lightly. Therefore establishing a strong online presence whether you are an entreprenuer,small business,car repairs,small to medium sized retail,financial sector business to a large corporation it is vital to seriously consider establishing a strong online presence.

The importance for all your marketing purposes cannot be ignored because this will help your business establish a strong branding presence and differentiate you from competitors and this will also help your target markets to see what your business has to offer and I think as a business owner that i the ultimate goal after all the old saying goes "SEEING IS BELIEVING"...having a quality online presence through having a website and social media accounts will help to draw in leads (prospects) who have never heard of your business and by seeing your dynamic,vibrant,informative and engaging digital media interest you'll soon have customers flocking to you in droves and you end up turning in nice profit margins and happy satisfied customers.

In order to build an effective digital media and online presence you first have to understand that the global marketplace is very interconnected through the internet.No matter how small or big your business is today,neglecting to have a website and social media accounts is like ringing a death knell for your business.You have to get rid of old habits and adjust to the new technological wave sweeping the world or else your business sooner or later will lose relevance and marketshare because of the fear of change which I see being done by so many Zimbabwean businesses today.You have to get with the times or else you will ultimately lose to those who keep on their toes and get with the times.


Lloyd Mapuranga,

NMap Technologies